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About Brightiger



The BRIGHTIGER prefix is dedicated to my 'Toff'.


Brightiger Siamese is located in Two Wells South Australia.


Owning and breeding the extroverted Siamese and Orientals, took me a while to commit to as so much time in the past was taken up with my horses and dogs before dedication to own, show and breed these beautiful cats was possible. The first pedigreed cat I owned was a chinchilla "Pebbles" he was not shown many times, though on the few occassions he was he faired quite well. He lived with me (an indoor cat only) for 19 years before he passed away in 1990, I still miss him. It took me a long time to think about having another cat but then I met "Toff" my first Oriental Neuter Male I purchased from Margaret Robertson. FASA Kitten of the year 2000,Group 2 Neuter of the year 2001 in two councils) I purchased him at 4 months of age "Mikata Just a Toff" a Chocolate Spotted Tabby Oriental. We were hooked!


We have entered into the breeding of Siamese & Orientals under the Brightiger prefix with high standards and principles in mind, this being, the main aim to produce healthy, typical examples of the Siamese with outstanding quality and excellent temperament. We are over the moon about the quality of the litters we have bred so far.

In addition to practical handling and breeding of the Pyreneans and Afghans we have 6 years of general professional handling and caring for pets at a Cat and Dog Boarding Complex. This practical experience & knowledge gained there has been quite valuable for us.

We have been very fortunate to have the support along with all the helpful hints from fellow breeders here in Adelaide, particular thanks go to Melanie and Mathew Wood of the Templeton Cattery.

I have been breeding and showing Afghan Hounds and Pyrenean Mountain Dogs Under the 'Cadiz' prefix
for over 20 years, and have my license to judge the Utility Group 6 at Championship Shows. An accurate and precise count on all the awards the Cadiz kennel has produced has not been strictly maintained however the count is remarkably high with multiple Speciality, Top dog of the year awards, Royal Show and all breeds Best in Shows winning under judges from all parts of the world.

Breeding has always been very specialised and kept on a modest scale with selective litters planned carefully for the show ring and for their strength maintaining healthy, typical specimans of outstanding quality and excellent temperament. These values have carried over to the Brightiger Siamese & Oriental breeding. The main aim for the Siamese lines is to have the four colours only in their pedigree, keeping the Oriental lines separate breeding all colours.

As well as having interest in the cats & dogs, I also have my 2 mares I bred for my interest in the equestrian arena particularly in the sport of eventing and showjumping.  These days though time restricts me to do any of these activities, so my girls enjoy their time just relaxing and eating most of the time.